How to Become a Hood Cleaner

How to Become a Hood Cleaner

Hood Cleaners are responsible for the cleaning and of the air ducts, underneath hood vents, range stoves, inside of ovens, and more for restaurant cleaning. Little do people know about hood cleaning, there are a lot of things that people need to always keep clean in a kitchen to keep up to code. However, they do more than beautifying buildings and structures, they handle the cleaning of surfaces, removing of old grease, repairing of cracks in the vent hoods, and degreasing to meet the customer’s specifications.

Becoming a cleaner will help you to start earning up to $100,000 annually, you can either be self-employed and set your own working rates or work for existing hood cleaning companies firms.

My job growing up was particularly working for my dad’s hood cleaning company, and in doing so, I made a lot of professional contacts. I’ve met businesses who had dirty walls on the inside and upsold myself after we’d clean their hoods, to work on painting their walls and give them a fresh coat of paint. I have some great tips on what to do for more painting work too. But, nevertheless, if you intend to become a hood cleaner, the following tips will help you become one.

1. Getting the right tools

  • Pressure washer for allowing you to over clean surfaces.
  • 5- in-1 tool, a simple tool used for cleaning vent hoods, spreading compounds, scraping grease, cutting and opening vent hoods and air ducts.
  • Brushes of various size.
  • Buckets or cans for degreasing
  • Masking Tape.
  • Lots and lots of plastic bags
  • Drop cloth to prevent the surface from absorbing grease.

To start as a hood cleaner, you need to get the necessary tools to express your artistic ideas and carry out the cleaning work easier and faster. The following tools are some of the basic tools you need to have to start your career:

Get, learn and master how to use these tools.

2. Gain Practical Knowledge

You need to have some practical knowledge about the process and skill in restaurant hood cleaning. Applying for an apprenticeship program is one of the ways you can gain the practical knowledge required in kitchen cleaning, as an apprentice, you gain hands-on experience in using the equipment, degreasing, repairing and preparing surfaces for cleaning. The apprenticeship program is usually 3-4 years. Find out the nearest contractor that offers this program and enroll. You must have a high school certificate before you can be accepted for an apprenticeship program. Try to earn one.

Another way of gaining knowledge is to work as a volunteer in organizations that offer volunteering opportunities, as a volunteer you work professionals and experts that will help you to develop and improve your cleaning skills.

3. Get a license

In order to work as a hood cleaner, you need to be verified as a professional by a registered body in Detroit. This often entails getting licenses and permits. Getting this license varies depending on your locations, some countries require you to have a minimum of two years of verified work experience while others require you to take the licensing examination. Find out your location’s requirement and obtain the license. However, if you are planning to work under a professional contractor, you might not need to obtain a license because you are already covered.